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Journal of Conservation Science Vol.32 No.4 pp.449-457

인천 옹진군 영흥도선 출수 도기병의 보존처리와 내용물 분석


Conservation and Analysis of Inner Materials of a Stoneware Bottle from Incheon Ongjingun Yeongheungdo Shipwreck

Hyoyun Kim,Seojin Kim


A stoneware bottle was recovered from the Incheon Yeongheungdo Shipwreck in 2013. Primary observations showed that this object had a sealed opening and was covered with a foreign material. After it was cleaned via mechanical and chemical methods, wave patterns were observed on the outer surface of the bottle and a yellowish-brown transparent material was found within. In this paper, the process of conserving the stoneware bottle and the analysis conducted on the unknown material found within is explained. The conservation process included steps such as cleaning, desalination and restoration. After of the missing area located at the rim, the original shape of the bottle was made clear. In addition, the unknown inner material was analyzed using FT-IR and GC-MS. Results showed that the material is similar to golden lacquer. It is speculated that the Yeongheungdo Ship had wrecked during the Unified Silla period while carrying a bottle loaded with golden lacquer.