Vol. 34 pp.157 - 166.

A Study on Adhesion Characteristics and Physical Properties of Animal Glue Added Genipin


In this study, gelatin binding ability was increased by adding cross linking agent to improve adhesive characteristic of animal glue. Animal glue added genipin measured gel strength and viscosity, the structural analysis, the color retention degree, elution degree, and rupture strength. And the water resistance and ultraviolet light resistance with the addition of genipin were compared. As a result of the study, the gel strength and viscosity increased with the amount of genipin. As a result of the structural analysis, in gelatin, the absorption peak of the triple structure of collagen structurally stabilized was observed. As a result of the color retention degree, the film was observed because of the lowered brightness. The amount of elution glue was increased with addition of genipin at 50°C distilled water condition and rupture strength has increased with the amount of genipin. In the water resistance and light fastness, there was no appearance before and after deterioration due to the addition of genipin. Based on the results of this study, it confirmed the adhesive characteristics of animal glue added genipin and examined the experimental method applicable for animal glue. After the addition of genipin, flexibility, re-solving, adhesive force, and curing speed, which are unique characteristics of glue, can be improved without disappearing, so it is expected that it will be applicable to production of animal glue and conservation of cultural heritage when homogeneous glue is secured.

:: Volume.34 No.5 October 2018 ::