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Journal of Conservation Science Vol.32 No.3 pp.299-311

서울 대한의원(사적 제248호) 부속병동 콘크리트 기초의 조성과 강도 특성


Composition and Strength Characteristics of Concrete Foundation for Affiliated Ward in Seoul Daehan Uiwon (General Hospital)

San Ha Kang,Dong Woo Kim,Chan Hee Lee,Hyun Mi Kim


The Daehan Uiwon (Historic Site No. 248) in which the predecessor of Seoul National University Hospital is a crucial medical institution that built in the Korean Empire period. One of them, East 1 Affiliated Ward that attached to Daehan Uiwon was built with concrete foundation in 1908 and extended two times in 1935 and 1954. As a result of material scientific analysis for concrete foundation, all of the foundation is composed of mortar and stone aggregates, however, the mixing proportions between the aggregate and the mortar were confirmed to be different with construction periods. To determine the mixing proportion, and physical properties by ultrasonic velocity and rebound hardness, the concrete foundations by construction period were obtained. In result, 1954's mixing proportion of concrete between mortar and stone aggregate indicated the highest ratio of aggregates with 1 : 35, mean value of ultrasonic velocity and unconfined compressive strength were calculated with 450 m/s and 18.92 MPa in 1954's constructions that is the lowest values compared with other times. As a result, the difference characteristics of physical properties by construction periods are possible interpreted with porosities and mixing ratios of stone aggregates.