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Journal of Conservation Science Vol.32 No.4 pp.459-469

개발된 Bisphenol-A계 Epoxy putty의 충전제 배합에 따른 물성 및 적용성에 관한 연구


Study on the Property and Applicability of the Bisphenol‐A Type Epoxy Putty According to the Mix of Filler

Koang-Chul Wi,Seung-Jun Oh


The goal of this study was to examine property changes induced by the choice of filler used with an epoxy resin that was developed in 2014 to restore cultural assets and consider the applicability of the resin as a restorative agent. The properties of putty mixed with 9 types of fillers and as-developed resins were compared with those of existing materials with regard to stability, superiority and applicability. The potential of the putty as an alternative material was also examined. The materials produced the best adhesiveness, color change and hardness results when mixed with lime. Micro balloon produced the best wear rates and hardening times, while diatomite produced the best tensile and compressive strengths. A plaster and white mineral pigment mixture produced the best specific gravity. Every material except for lime exhibited about 2.5-20 times higher wear rates than the existing material, which is thought to exhibit an excellent cutting force. The hardening time was enhanced by about 0.5-9 times to improve convenience. The stability of the relic was also ensured by improving hand staining without any shrinkage or deformation. The material exhibited about 0.5-27 times less yellowing. Thus, it is thought to be a material that can reduce property changes and reduce the degree of relic fatigue which occurs during reprocessing and sense of difference from relic.